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It's was in Feb. of 2009 I got a call from Jordan Wexler the founder of Jordan told me about the site he had just launched the site. After a short time we were both sharing screens on skype. He asked me if I would help him put on the map. I told Jordan I would help because I thought it would be a good site to bring people together that would be willing to help one another. I felt that I would be the one to get others to  recognize one another, or at least connect the team players in the Smart Guy Business Network.

The successful networkers I know, that are receiving plenty of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves,
continually put the other person's needs ahead of their own.

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We believe that the single most pivotal element in your business success is your marketing. The second is working with the RIGHT people. So few website owners and entrepreneurs seem to give networking the attention it deserves! In order to build a powerful brand that thrives off of organic Internet traffic, knowledge and quick strategic decision making is the key. At the end of the day, it's all about the people that you network with. Mark Barreres CEO at


There are many people that are searching Google for what you do.
With our strategy we make sure that they can find
YOUR site!

Top 10 search engine rankings happen only with ongoing efforts or strategies." So let's get to work!

1. Website Analysis - We examine your online presence as well as your competition. We also determine how potential customers are searching for you on the web. Then we create a strategy that will bring potential customers to your site.

Website Optimization – Once a good strategy is in place, we will implement changes to your website so the search engines rank your website high when people search for services like yours.

Network Your Site – High quality link placement to your site elsewhere on the web are critical to signal the search engines that your site should rank well. We will create these links on high ranking sites in order to give your website the recognition it needs.

SEO Analytics – We want you to see the results, so we also set up analytics for your website. This enables you to monitor the new traffic and how potential customers are now being led to your website.

Many companies pay from $500 to thousands of dollars per month for services like these. Our prices start at $120 per month.

" delivers on what they promise! If being at the top of search engines matters to you, then this is the place to be. Mark Barreres has gone above and beyond on service and for a fraction of the cost of other so called "SEO experts" that charge BIG bucks and do NOT deliver. The difference is the results you will see almost immediately. Best of all they are always here for me on Skype and on the phone. Any business person interested in getting more referrals needs to take web based promotion seriously, and this is the best service out there." - Tara Kenyon - Family Therapy Counseling

"Our investment paid itself back in less than 24 hrs.  Yeah - I said ONE DAY!!  In the past few years, and's work with us has led to huge boosts in search engine traffic, calls, and more importantly... SALES!!  Lots of them." - Northern VA Promotional Products

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Plenty of platforms out there offer plugin functionality, we have never seen a more smooth and thorough implementation than the plugin effort on WordPress. Plugins allow you to add great photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more great functionality. - Small Business SEO - Small Business Websites

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With the internet is the #1 source for consumers seeking information, companies are scrambling to gain an online presence. and's new Article Marketing Service is just what you need. Mark Barreres CEO at

Don't be fooled - there are thousands of article content creators and distribution services that do not understand the important factors in creating an effective article that will rank well. Instead, many just write without regard to keywords, optimization, word repetition, titles and other important ranking factors. They just spam your article to hundreds of directories where they are not only not ever read by the consumer, but are ignored by search engines.

Our writers can create a custom article for you and link it to hundreds of business networks, providing it excellent search engine optimization. If you prefer, you can select an existing article and we will link your information as a featured business! - More info

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Join the our GrassRoots Smart Business Network and align yourself with other Smart Business professionals ALL committed to growing their business through referrals and helping one another. Review

"People do business and refer business to those people they know and trust. has created an online template for us to succeed in business in ANY Economy!" - Mark Barreres CEO of

Worldwide Web Design and Promotion - To Create a good web site requires professionalism, accuracy, creativity and patient access to every aspect of the implementation process. Creating Web pages is like a jigsaw puzzle - you need to combine precision parts in the exact order that you incurred the picture. Create a good web site requires professionalism, accuracy, creativity and patient access to every aspect of the implementation process. Website is like a jigsaw puzzle - you need to combine precision parts in the exact order that you incurred the picture. Our image is a web site that meets the most criteria - from graphic design to marketing objective -

Smart Business Networking with and the Combined Power of and

The people at Legitimate Home Jobs are dedicated to helping you find the job or business that will meet your needs. 
All jobs or businesses on this site are legitimate. 

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How to Find a Real Legitimate Online Income Opportunity - Creating Legitimate Income Online


Business NOT As Usual!

Online Social Business Networking - Collective Creative Marketing with Team Players

We are always looking for qualified Team Players to add to our list of GrassRoots networkers. - Grow your Business with other honest team players! If you're tired of wasting your time on Facebook and blogs that very few people notice, we would like to hear from you.

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