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True Business Networkers are people who connect the right people together in the world ... They are the people with a special gift for bringing honest business people together. They are people who have the knack for making business connections where ever they may be. GrassRoots Networkers are like "The Connectors" in Malcolm Gladwell's Book " - The Tipping Point

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We are a GrassRoots Network Business a creative marketing collective: a small but growing group of business owners web designers, promoters, copywriters and marketers united by a common commitment to help one another become successful both online and offline.

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Hey It's All About Networking With The Smart Guys! -

Don’t settle with a networking group of 30-40 people that requires weekly meetings, expensive fees, and limits you to meeting the SAME people each week! Join

Smart Guy is revolutionizing communities by connecting thousands of business professionals together and forming local business referral networks, "it's like having a sales force of up to 1,200 other local businesses promoting me to everyone they know", states Rodney De Bose of San Diego, CA. is a
Business Directory, Referral Network, and Referral Management System all rolled into one. It allows you to align with up to 1,200 other professionals within your area all willing to promote YOU to everyone they know. There is even an affiliate program that pays YOU to build your business! - Business Referral Network

People do business and refer business to those people they know and trust. has created an online template for us to succeed in business in ANY Economy! - Mark Barreres Founder

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Augusta Maine Chiropractic Care

Tenney Chiropractic is located at 503 Riverside Drive in Augusta, Maine.  We took over this facility from Dr. Joe Trozzi at his well-earned retirement.  Dr. Tenney had worked for some period of time with Dr. Trozzi, and is completely familiar with his treatment methods.

Maine Web Designs Needed!

MULTIMEDIA - We are looking for designers to help with dynamic website presentations.
DATABASE - Web Designers to who work with database and a multitude of data driven solutions
FLASH - Flash Designers that create dynamically illustrates images for a multimedia experience

We have web design jobs of all sizes from small and large ready for you to work on.

Non team players, time-wasters or dreamers need not apply – action-oriented web masters, online entrepreneurs and internet marketers only! - Contact Us

Maine Employment

Job Opportunities - Maine Job Listings, National Job Listings, Job Seeker Resources, Labor Market Information.

Legitimate Home Jobs - A website for people that want to work at or from home, or just want to tap into multiple streams of income. We are looking to connect you with the RIGHT people in our GrassRoots Network that are working at home and are willing to help you to avoid scams and become successful.

Employee Rights & Services - Employee Rights Guide, Workers with Disabilities, Discrimination Complaints, Employment Standards, Migrant & Immigrant Worker Services, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Safety & Health


Retirement Resources - State Retirement System, National Guard Retirement Benefits, Municipal Retirement Benefits


Unemployment - Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Benefits, Layoff Assistance

GrassRoots Networking - Business NOT As Usual!

In both the Biz2Biz markets and Business-to-Consumer fields, combines the best of both worlds.

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Start Your Own Of Business Network - Real estate agents, mortgage or insurance professionals, printers, contractors...anyone whose business is based on referrals - It's finally here! A Unique opportunity to control your own local city business network and grow your business quickly through referrals.

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Worldwide Business Networking
Our Goal: Create a B2B Contact list of Team Players From Around World - GrassRoots Forum

We are building a Grassroots Business Network of trusted business partners and contacts that will give our growing group of business networkers an advantage in the business world. Advancing your business in todays world is harder than ever before and we connect you with the right team players that benift our network as a whole. exists to help honest hearted team players make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.

Our mission is to connect the world’s honest professionals to accelerate their success.

The economy has grown to a global scale and your success as a professional and your competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to business people in the world market.

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Web Design and Marketing in Europe

Our image is a web site that meets the most criteria - from graphic design to marketing objective.
Slovakia Web Design and Marketing - Slovakia Business Networking

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We Are A Social Media Marketing Company - We pride ourselves on being able to implement the newest concepts in Internet marketing and incorporating them into our consulting, training, and Internet marketing services.

“Top 10 search engine rankings happen only with ongoing efforts or strategies." So lets get to work! - Contact Us

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