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We are a GrassRoots Network Business a creative marketing collective: a small but growing group of business owners web designers, promoters, copywriters and marketers united by a common commitment to help one another become successful both online and offline. - Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programs

"The possibilities are endless, the task is to identify and work with team players only...
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Please Note: We are overwhelmed with email. If you are contacting us regarding how get involed on a grassroots level, feel please take a moment to fill out our email form and then give us a week to review your info. Then call - 703-722-6012

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Why pay for leads when you can join your own local business referral network of non-competing professionals in your own County all willing to send YOU hundreds of referral leads for FREE? His is the BEST - Smart Guy Business Network is a Business Directory, Business Referral Network, and Referral Management System all rolled into one. It allows you to align with up to 1,200 other professionals within your area all willing to promote YOU to everyone they know. There is even an affiliate program that pays YOU to build your business!

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Just a few of our lastest sign ups: Indiana Web Design and Marketing - Indiana Business Networking - This Week in America Radio Show - Indianapolis IN Import Export Services - Indianapolis IN Feng Shui Consultant - Indianapolis IN Locksmith - Fort Wayne IN Computer Maintenance And Networking - FortWayne IN Website Design - Virtual Assistant

Become a "creative collective entrepreneur" by being open to innovation and working
together to make a difference in the world.

  • Indiana Search Engine BOOSTER - We will help get your company's information on the first page of major search engines.
  • Indiana Directory Listing - You will have a semi-excusive listing in our directory and won't get lost in a phone book full of competitors - Find a Local Professional
  • Indiana Professional Networking - Your information will be linked to up to 1,200 other professionals in your area. You will also be notified each time a new local business joins for introduction and alliance building.
  • Indiana Referral Management System - Get real-time tracking of all referrals sent and received, allowing you to maintain full accountability and always know the exact status of your referral from origination until completion.
  • Indiana Online Based Web page - You will get your own unique web address and web page providing detailed information on your company, including: hours of operation, preferred method of contact, trade/business associations, Google mapped location & a complete rating system.
  • Indiana Social Network- Feel free to create a profile, write blogs, start discussions, join a group, or upload photos and videos in our social network.
  • Guaranteed Ongoing Placement as 1 of only 3 in local SmartGuy directory (if available).
  • Inclusion and listing  in local City Business Network
  • Ability to submit 1 article per month, which will appear on our HOME page! NEW  - Article SEO
  • Ability to add logo to profile/website
  • FREE Business Network - inclusion into your local city business network with live online and offline events (See our list of over 400 business networks
  • Less than $20 a month and...a "love it or leave it" GUARANTEE...try it for 30 days, if you are unhappy for any reason, you can cancel your account and get your money back!

Jordan Wexler is CEO of, and has been pioneering lead generation strategies for the past 20 years. He founded online powerhouses Information Now, Inc. and Jordan and Mark Barreres the CEO of and the founder of have been working together to get top searches for all the members that sign up since the launch of the site in Feb 2009.

Indiana Government And Business Links

  • An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Business in Indiana
  • Business Owners Guide to State Government
  • Trademark Information
  • Strategic Skills Initiative - Increasing Opportunities and Wages in Indiana
  • Training Acceleration Grant
  • SOS Business Services Division
  • Register a Business with the Department of Revenue 
  • Minority & Women's Business Enterprises Division
  • Starting and Funding your Business
  • New and Small Business Education Center
  • Indiana Finance Authority Business Development Programs
  • State Library Business Resources
  • IEDC Business Incentives
  • IDOA State Procurement Division
  • IDHS File Building Plans

  • Worldwide Business Networking
    Our Goal: Create a B2B Contact list of Team Players From Around World -

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    We are building a Grassroots Business Network of trusted business partners and contacts that will give our growing group of business networkers an advantage in the business world. Advancing your business in todays world is harder than ever before and we connect you with the right team players that benift our network as a whole. exists to help honest hearted team players make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.

    Our mission is to connect the world’s honest professionals to accelerate their success.

    The economy has grown to a global scale and your success as a professional and your competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to business people in the world market.

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    We Are A Social Media Marketing Company - We pride ourselves on being able to implement the newest concepts in Internet marketing and incorporating them into our consulting, training, and Internet marketing services.

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    Wanted - Indiana Web Designers

    MULTIMEDIA - We are looking for designers to help with dynamic website presentations.
    DATABASE - Web Designers to who work with database and a multitude of data driven solutions
    FLASH - Flash Designers that create dynamically illustrates images for a multimedia experience

    We have web design jobs of all sizes from small and large ready for you to work on.

    Complete Website Designs - Custom Made Layouts - Hand Coded Websites - Old Site Redesigns - E-Commerce Solutions

    We are looking that do not try and sell services that clients do not need. We know that a lasting relationship is more valuable than a one-time job BIG money job. We DO not want to work with Rip Off Web Designers

    Non team players, time-wasters or dreamers need not apply – action-oriented web masters, online entrepreneurs and internet marketers only! - Contact Us

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