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GrassRoots Networking is dedicated to helping musicians and music organizations reach their full potential by encouraging creative partnerships.

Networking is quickly becoming one of the best ways to establish business connections. Music, already a connecting agent with people, is now involved with the networking approach to recognition and business.

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Linguistic, political and economic barriers stand between World Musicians to gain global recognition.


Daniele Bazzani

Italian finger style guitar player, one man on stage, original music.

Brazilian Musicians

Musicians from Latin America's largest nation, Brazil, say they are finding it much harder to break into the US market than their counterparts from other countries. Steve Mort reports for VOA from Rio de Janeiro.

Teresa Cristina

It's very expensive to engage a band like mine with so many musicians. It's very expensive to travel. Most of the time, they invite us and offer us a very low payment because they don't have a commercial sponsor, and they want me to tour with only two or three musicians and showcase Brazilian music. -
Keeping American Music Alive

USA Musicians Network - USA Musicians Forum


Miss Tess Swing Music Video

Miss Tess’s music is of a piece with her calculated stage persona. She’s always Miss Tess, even when she’s returning your phone call for an interview. Her thing is original tunes and covers that draw on early jazz and blues, with a bit of country thrown in, and she likes to perform in vintage dresses as well as play a sweet, full-toned 1920s Weymann electric guitar. On her new Live on the Road, she covers Fats Waller’s “Honeysuckle Rose,” Bessie Smith’s “Baby Doll,” and the Gaskill/McHugh standard “I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love with Me” — which, as she says on the disc, “I learned off a Peggy Lee record.” The Bon Ton Parade, meanwhile, put the emphasis on swing, with acoustic bass and drums, and the well-schooled local jazz reedman Alec Spiegelman playing saxophone and clarinet. More Info Offers A Powerful FREE Service For Musicians

We will use our web promotion and marketing skills and get any musician or bands site up on the search engines for what ever search terms they desire FREE of charge, all they have to do is link back to us in the way we ask.

If you are a USA Musician then get networking!
Mark Barreres Contact Form

A Tribute to the BEST USA Musicians
Let's face it people the USA has put out some GREAT musicians from the 1920's to our day!
Check out our new page as of Oct 1st 2008 - And add your favorite musician

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Fine Handcrafted USA Acoustic Guitars

Sullivan Guitars are high end, handmade acoustic guitars, Jim Sullivan caters to the discerning musician in search of exceptional tone, craftsmanship, and playability.

The home of quality handmade guitars, handbuilt by luthier and master craftsman Jim Sullivan. If your looking for a handmade acoustic guitar with outstanding sound, playability, and attention to detail, then a Sullivan Guitar could be the answer to your dreams. They are truly one of a kind artisan built guitars with the absence of mediocrity. Jim uses a special patented bracing system in the side assembly that changes how the guitar works, producing much more volume and frequency response in a small bodied guitar. Try a Sullivan handmade acoustic guitar and you'll be hooked for life - Handmade Acoustic Guitars - Artisan Built Guitars - Handmade acoustic Guitar Gallery

Jim, I came across your ezine article about handmade guitars. The article,though quite well written, isn't nearly as convincing as actually playing one of your guitars. I,ve personally had the pleasure of both hearing and playing a "Sullivan" guitar and I can honestly say that it was the best finger style instrument I have ever come across! So much for your article. I also followed the link to with which, I assume, you are affiliated and checked out your full line of accessories, looks like you,re sticking with the cream of the crop in this venture also. P.S., The pricing looks very competative as well. - Tom Edwards, Nashville,Tn 

"I have recently purchased a Sullivan Guitar and I want to say that the craftsmanship far surpassed my expectations. The quality of sound acoustically and electrically is way better than any Taylor or Martin I have ever played on. The detail work on the bindings and butt strip are awesome and the finish is excellent. I especially like the hand carved "S" in the headstock. The action and intonation are great too. If you have not tried or own a Sullivan Guitar you should because you are missing out on a high quality instrument.

I liked the first guitar so much I am ready to place my second custom order."
Barry Sacco

"Jim Sullivan is truly a master guitar builder. If you are looking for a guitar that feels and sounds like the best guitar you have ever played and a guitar that you can hand down and keep in the family, I recommend you drive down to TN and pick one out today." - Mark Barreres

Handmade Guitars - Hand Made Guitars - Handbuilt Guitars - Handmade Acoustic Guitars - Artisan Handmade Guitars - Handmade acoustic Guitar Gallery

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BEST Unknown Musicians of the World

Janusz B. Goralski

Janusz {Yonish} Goralski, pianist, composer, and piano tuner, has recently found his new home here in Front Royal. He moved here after fifteen years living in Reston, Va. Like countless others he has fallen in love with the beauty of this land and transformed this fascination into his music. Janusz plays classic, jazz, rock, etc.

He was born and educated in Poland. In Poland he worked for Polish Radio and TV, performed with the Polish Jazz Federation, played for the National Music Festivals in Opole and for the International Music Festivals in Sopot. Since 1982 Janusz works in the United States as a pianist, composer.

Has strong classical and jazz background.
Plays piano, organ, and all electronic keyboards

In Virginia Janusz performed in many locations including:
The Officers’ Club in Fort McNair, Washington, DC
The Officers’ Club in Fort Myer, DC
The Officers’ Club, Fort Belvoir, Alexandria, VA
Hyatt Hotel, Fair Lakes, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC, Sheraton in Reston, Tower Club (exclusive business club) in Tysons Corner, and many other hotels in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.
Private parties and wedding parties

Provided piano tuning service in Northern Virginia. His major clients included both Officers’ clubs in Washington, DC, Fort Belvoir, and Grand Hyatt in Reston.

Listen to a song Janusz had composed in
memory of the Holocaust

Download the MP3

Contact Janusz at


World Music List

World Music Institute (New York, NY)

World Music Institute is a not-for-profit concert presenting organization dedicated to the research and presentation of the finest in traditional and contemporary music and dance from around the world. WMI supports and encourages musicians from immigrant communities and collaborates with universities, cultural organizations, and other presenting organizations that have similar goals.

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A huge online music store.
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Many reviews and jazz music related information and artists.
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Learn how to protect yourself from hearing loss.
SD Songwriters Guild
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Bobby Manriquez and "b-side blues"
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A fantastic resource for the unsigned band with excellent interviews from industry experts and tons of info.
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Cool web site for guitar players.
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Online band contest where the winners are awarded a record deal!
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Music Lessons
Natural Ear Music provides the best music lessons to the kids of Austin, Texas.
A&R Online
Resources, marketing and promotion for independent artists.
Pro Tools Certification
An authorized training provider from Digidesign. Prepare for the different pro tools certification exams.
CD Replication, DVD duplication & manufacturing
Specializing in all areas of CD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Duplication and CD/DVD manufacturing services.
Classical Music Online
Listen to Classical Music CDs/compositions online.
CD Replication
DVD and CD replication services, highest quality manufacturing.
Offers DVD, CD, HD DVD duplication / replication services.
DVD Duplication & Replication
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Features recording and mixing tips, as well as articles related to recording.
15 Million rare and hard to find CDs and LPs!
Professional presentation of the music artist to the music industry.
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The World's Leading Independent A&R Company.
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Shenandoah Music A Great site to network with.

England - Folk Music

  • Acoustic Music upstairs at the Red Lion, Manningtree, Essex
  • AcoustiCity Music Club, Colchester, Essex
  • Baldock & Letchworth Folk Club, Letchworth, Hertfordshire
  • Cambridge Folk Club, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. History of the club: Cambridge Folk Club
  • Clap'n'Smile Music Club, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
  • Colchester Folk Club, Colchester, Essex
  • Ely Folk Club, Ely, Cambridgeshire
  • Essex Singers Club, Chelmsford, Essex
  • Everyman Folk Club,Saxmundham, Suffolk
  • The FaB Club, Orsett, Essex
  • Harlow Folk Club, Harlow, Essex
  • Hitchin Folk Club, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
  • Hollybush Folk Club, Redbourn, Hertfordshire
  • Hoy at Anchor Folk Club, Southend on Sea, Essex
  • Mayflower Folk Club, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
  • Milkmaid Music Club, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  • Norwich Folk Club, Norwich, Norfolk
  • Sail Loft Folk Club, Horndon on the Hill, Essex
  • St Neots Folk Club, St Neots, Cambridgeshire
  • Stortfolk Music Club, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
  • Waltham Abbey Folk Club, Waltham Abbey, Essex
  • "Wandering Windward" St Albans Folk Song Club, St Albans, Hertfordshire
  • Wisbech Folk Club, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  • Wivenhoe Folk Club, Wivenhoe, Essex
  • Worldwide Agents and Promoters of Jazz


    Griff Management. Hetha Griffiths. Orange, New South Wales, Australia 2800. Tel: +61 0401 583 780. Griff Management is music industry management based in central NSW run by Hetha Griffiths. With a passion for the jazz/Nu jazz genre Griff Management is proud to be representation for legendary Dutch/Australian Hammond organist Ray Vanderby and the Ray Vanderby Hammond Combo.

    Peter Cole. Jazz Promoter. 415 Darling Street, Sydney, Australia. Tel: +61 2 9555 1619. Representing Australia's best known jazz band Galapagos Duck. South African born jazz, blues, soul singer Trude Aspeling. And many more fine contemporary music artistes.


    Armen Manukyan "Ardzagank" Studio. "Radio Ardzagank" Fm103,5 Karen Demirchyan Centre. Park "Tsitsernakaberd" 375028, Yerevan-28 Republic Of Armenia Tel/Fax 374-1-525840 / 562735


    Jazz Ahead Management. Katrin Kowalski, Aigen 223, A-5350 Strobl Tel/Fax : +43-6137-5604 Mobile:+43-6644931256. Manager of the Heinz von Hermann Jazz ahead Quintet.

    Walter Voves. Getreidemarkt 17, Vienna, A-1060, Austria. Agent and promoter and record label.


    Fine Music Flavour. Annette Wüst. Pater Damiaanstraat, 2. Tremelo. 3120 Belgium. Tel: + 32(0)16-53 77 78 Fax: + 32(0)16-53 58 77. Booking Agent & Manager of Belgian Jazz Musicians. Manager of Chris Joris (percussion,piano,composer)

    Motives For Jazz. Provinciaal Centrum voor Muziek - Casino. Kioskplein 25. 3582 Beringen. Belgium. Tel: (011) 42.15.26 [Promoting jazz within the Limburg region of Belgium]

    Metropolitan Entertainments. Drie Koningenstraat 82 - B2600 Antwerp, Belgium. Tel: (32) 3.2392872 - Fax: (32) 3.2392872. Office hours: 10am - 6pm (CET) [contact:Alain Ragheno. Metropolitan Entertainments started some 25 years ago in Belgium as concert promotors. Producing some 40 concerts yearly in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

    Redcat Artist Agency. Kati Van de Velde. Brussels. National and international artist representation and music services.

    Travers Emotion. Jules Imberechts, Rue Traversière 5. Brussels B-1210, Belgium. Tel: +3222174800 Fax: +3222231021 150 concerts all over Brussels: Jazz moderne or avantgarde, blues, covers, chanson, locals and europeans bands.

    Tsahara Productions. Antoine Dansaertstraat 18 box 2. Brussels 1000. Belgium. Tel: 0032-2 513 75 99 Fax: 0032- 2 513 35 26 [contact: Dirk Feys. Booking agency specialized in crossover Jazz and Funk. Erik Truffaz(Benelux), Roy Ayers, Aka Moon, Doop Troop (Benelux, France), Kelvynators, etc

    Uncle Jazz Productions. Fluitbergstraat 66/5. 2900 Schoten Tel: : +32-3-685-4730 Fax: +32-3-685-4761 [contact:Veerle Van de Poel - Dirk Godts. Representing the great Toots Thielemans and the fantastic Kenny Werner and Mike Delferro]


    Messechina Music Management and Production Company. Victor Lilov. P.O.Box 49; Sofia 1700; Bulgaria. Tel/fax: +359 2 946 30 70 Mobile: +359 887456 731 [We are a new Bulgarian artist management company, currently we are looking for partners in Europe. We would like very much to breakaway with the usual stereotypes connected with the music from the Balkans and could offer quite non-traditional edge of Jazz, improvised music oriented roster of artists and selection of repertoire. If you are interested we could send you promo materials and CD's. If you are positive about presenting the music from Bulgaria and Macedonia, we would like to discuss possible tour/concert schedules.]


    Discover Jazz Festival. 230 College Street, Burlington, VT 05401
    Tel: (802) 863-7992 - Fax (802) 864-3927 [contact: Jimmy Swift, Festival Director. Danielle Maggio, Marketing & Development Director. We accept artistic submissions year-round, and complete our Festival programming in March and April]


    Owit Music Europe Ltd. Skovhastrupvej 1. Skov Hastrup, Hvalsoe. 4330 Denmark. Tel: +45 46408718 Fax: +45 46408701. Contact: Niels Estrup. Agency with high class performers in all genres.


    Cairo Jazz Club Bands. 197, 26th July St., Mohandessin, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: +202.3459939 Contact: Ammar Dajani. Cairo Jazz Club Bands is the band promotion and management arm of the Cairo Jazz Club venue, with all sorts of oriental styles to offer

    Ella Productions. Label & Manager. 109 rue de Ville d'Avray 92310 Sèvres France Tel: 331 45070249 mobile 33 (0)6 80259756

    Strada Production. 170 bis rue de Grenelle, Paris 75007; France. Tel: 00 33 1 47 05 03 32 Fax: 0033 1 47 05 03 44. Booking Agent and Promoter in France. Arisits include: Rosario Giuliani. Stephane Huchard. Giovanni Mirabassi. Pierre De Bethmann. Alex Tassel. Remy Chaudagne.


    Agency 79. Urbanstr. 88. Berlin, Germany 10967. Tel: +359-88-943-6287 Conatct: I. Marcus. Agency promoting musicians from different countries. Styles: Jazz in all its variety, R&B, soul, world music.

    Barbara Lamprecht Music Promotion. Agency for world-music, jazz and various other styles. Herler Str. 91. D-51067 Köln. Tel: +49-(0)221-740 69 36 Fax: +49-(0)221-740 69 37


    3r-Pro-Promoters. E.Venizelou 23. Athens, Greece. Te: +30936068322 Fax: +30105024756. J.STAVRIANOULIS. jazz promoters company in Athens.


    Euf Prods Music Management. P.O. Box 11177. Nieuwezijdskolk 25, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, 1001 GD, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (0)20-4279912 Fax = +31 (0)20-4206347 [contact: Ronald Keizer. Hollands leading agency in contemporary jazz. Euf Prods runs the management of the bands Sfeq, New Cool Collective, Greenfield, The Jazzmeteors, Raise the Roof, Benjamin Herman Trio]

    Jazzpromotor. Tom van Giessen. Beukenlaan 59, Bleiswijk. ZH. Holland 2665DX.

    Quails Music Bank. Wesselsstraat 44. Den Haag. 2572sh. Netherlands.Contact: Ian Quail. telephone +31 [0] 704023790. I have a music promo company that has a large variety of live musicians for hire so if you have an interest please contact me, or if you have a good live music band and would like some extra work I would love to speak to you so contact me a.s.a.p.

    Yes2Jazz Agency. Rob & Carla Henneveld. Beatrix Hoeve 11. 2804 HC. Gouda, Nederland. Tel: 0182-530709 Fax: 0182-530367. Mobile: 06-22479205


    C-Jam Music. via Nazionale,169, 40047 Riola di Vergato, Bologna, Italy. Tel/Fax 39-051-916277

    Mississippi Jazz Sound. Borgo Angelico, 18/a. Roma Lazzio 00193, Italy. Tel: +39 0668806348 Fax: +39 066871564. International Artist promoters & agents


    Cracovia Music Bureau. Leading agency in Gulf area. Tel: (+965)-2649357 or mobile: (+965)-6653857


    Musikuest Agency. P.O.Box:45-37. Hazmieh, Lebanon. Tel: 961-3-443033 Fax: 961-1-808345 [Contact: = Waleed Akar. A jazz agency promoting live music in lebanon and the Middle East by bringing jazz artist from the US and Europe to perform in Lebanon. East meets West.]

    Pete McGregor Entertainment. Pete McGregor. 8 Capstan Court Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. zip: 0610. Tel: 098348355. Nationwide New Zealand Entertainment booking agency with hundreds of Jazz and other genre musical options in all main centres in New Zealand.


    Impresariat Oprocz Dariusz Startek. ul. Tytusa 14 A / 1 72-006 Szczecin - Mierzyn Poland. Tel/Fax: + +48.91.4868874 mobile: +48/501/547225. [Please let us know if You are on tour in Europe and have a day or few days off. We need the usual details as biographies, sounds (we prefere CD's or CDR's,photos, press, schedules, available dates for possible concerts in Poland, how many musicians will play etc. And - of course - Your fees. Please keep in mind that most venues are small clubs with possible audience 50-100 people.


    Showtime Productions. P. O. Box 47. Farrer Road, Singapore 912802 Singapore. Tel: +65 483 2001 Fax: +65 234 1790. Event Production/Management,Talent Management, Album Production


    Making Music Productions. 38 Dorp Street, 1st Floor PO Box 5327. Cape Town. Western Cape Province 8001. Republic of South Africa. Tel: +27 21 426 0399 Fax: +27 21 426 0199. contact:Christian Syren. Agents for top South African jazz artists, specialising in Afro-Jazz: Jimmy Dludlu, Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi, Robbie Jansen, Idris Hotep Galeta and a host of others.


    Scarlett Entertainment. contact: Rebecca Marks. Puerto de La Duquesa, Manilva, Malaga, Spain. Booking Agent for Jazz Artists. We are based in the UK, US and Spain and book jazz artists internationally.


    Stellar Artist Management.Blekingsborgsgatan 3E 214 63 Malmö. Sweden. Tel: +46 40 57 99 69 Fax +46 40 57 99 68


    Scoop Organisation. BP 753. 2078 La Marsa - Tunisie Tél: 216 71 727 314 Fax 216 71 77 48 80. [contact: Mourad Mathari. Our reference in Tunisia : Tabarka Jazz Festival]