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Meet Clay Shirky on YouTube


Clay Shirky is an American writer, consultant and teacher on the social
and economic effects of Internet technologies.

Clay Shirky's writings about the internet, including open source software, web economics and social computing. -


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The successful networkers I know, that are receiving plenty of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person's needs ahead of their own. - Dale Carnegie


We at are building a lifeline relationship network of people who work from home. We give to one another heartfelt feedback, perspective, and input that are the lifeblood of effective home based business leaders and decision makers. The better you become at building such relationships, particularly in your professional life, the better you’ll be at what you do, and the more value we all bring to the table.

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" 'Working with the right people.' It's a simple, yet powerful concept that's tangible and real. In my mind, when the right people come together, it's more than a business opportunity. It's a beautiful thing. It's art." Mark Barreres CEO of and founder of

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