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I put up this page becase I am sick of these rip offs scam artists that rip people off. If you would like to help please call me anytime at 703-722-6012 Mark at

Phone Spam Warning for Small Business just trying to make a living...
It's time to take our phones back!!!

Stop Telemarketers From Calling my Business

Scraper Pro, Phone Broadcast Club, Push Botton Dialer and IbuzzPro and a growing list of these telemarketing pre-recorded message sortware! This activity if becoming a Major Nuisance to business owners in New York and beyond who put their phone numbers on their websites.

Stores Online BIG TIME Scam Artists from Utah

Stores Online Is A Heartless Bunch of Crooks!

Stores online the biggest bunch of scam artists I have ever seen! They have some kind secret of way of finding people and running the perfect scam. They hook these poor people that know nothing about making money on the internet. Then they use cunning and crafty key words and phrases, they get them to believe that they are going to be there them every step of the way and prey upon their desire to be successful and make money. They are as clever and deceptive as the devil when they speak...

Stores Online Scam - Warn Others About Stores Online - Picket Stores Online Events - Find A Laywer Against Stores Online - Do a Class Action Lawsuit Against Stores Online

I have a client who has a sister and she paid these low life con-artists at SOL 25,000.00 for a site she has not made one penny on. The sad part of that story she is still paying a monthly fee to maintain it. I told her to find a lawyer and sue them. I had been to one of the events they held once, An older women that we know told me she got an invite in the mail and wanted to see what it was all about, so I went along with her. I tried to warn as many people as I could in the crowd. I had heard about them from a guitar builder that put 6000.00 into their crooked little hands. These people are real pro. rip off artists who target people who know nothing about making money online. I just wonder what kind of a system they use to find and bring the people in? I mean how do they find there target market?

Stores Online - class-action lawsuit against them in TN. The out of court settlement figure is about $7.6 MILLION dollars. More coming soon!

Just follow the Money trail of Stores Online <<< evil from the top down >>> iMergent Stock

If you have been rip offed by these Crooks at Stores Online please take action against this company. - Stores Online Fraud Lawsuits

Legitimate Home Jobs - This page is for people that want to work at or from home, or just want to tap into multiple streams of income. We are looking to connect you with the RIGHT people in our GrassRoots Network that are working at home and are willing to help you to avoid scams and become successful.

The SEO Scam: Most people that do SEO are rip offs and scam artists. Is it fair to say that 80% of the people selling Search Engine Optimization services have neither the knowledge nor ability to deliver good results for their own website...

Are you tired of being hassled by Rip off SEO companies? They promise they can put your website on the front page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing as long as you commit to expensive setup fees or high costly monthly payments?

If you say YES! Then talk with the people at

Web Designers Needed - Professional Web Designers

MULTIMEDIA - We are looking for designers to help with dynamic website presentations.
DATABASE - Web Designers to who work with database and a multitude of data driven solutions
FLASH - Flash Designers that create dynamically illustrates images for a multimedia experience

We have web design jobs of all sizes from small and large ready for you to work on.

Complete Website Designs - Custom Made Layouts - Hand Coded Websites - Old Site Redesigns - Creative Web Design - E-Commerce Solutions - Affordable Online Marketing and Web Promotion - Cheap Domain Names Registration

We do not try and sell services that clients do not need. We know that a lasting relationship is more valuable than a one-time job BIG money job. Non team players, time-wasters or dreamers need not apply action-oriented web masters, online
entrepreneurs and internet marketers only! -
Contact Us delivers on what they promise! If being at the top of search engines matters to you, then this is the place to be. has gone above and beyond on service and for a fraction of the cost of other so called "SEO experts" that charge BIG bucks and do NOT deliver. The difference is the results you will see almost immediately. Best of all they are always here for me on Skype and on the phone. Any business person interested in getting more referrals needs to take web based promotion seriously, and this is the best service out there. - Tara Kenyon - Family Therapy Counseling Raleigh NC

Our investment paid itself back in less than 24 hrs.  Yeah - I said ONE DAY!!  In the past few years, Mark's work with us has led to huge boosts in search engine traffic, calls, and more importantly... SALES!!  Lots of them. - Northern VA Promotional Products

Finding People That Are Willing To Work Together! - The "Active Dots"

GrassRoots Networking is all about people that want to help others and are willing to share and connect others. Our hand picked group of business networkers help one another make the right connections and grow the GrassRootsnetwork on a local level. We all grow your business, finding opportunities to make a living despite the hard times in which we live.

The key is to keep in touch with other team players, sending referrals and building your local network of GrassRoots Networkers. Being a team player requires individuals to have certain characteristics:

1. Being prepared to listen
2. Being prepared to share ideas
3. Being prepared to accept criticism and to act on it
4. Being prepared to help others in the team - even if it is not your immediate role
5. Being prepared to expect others, and yourself, to question, be questioned and to be persuaded by different views, opinions and ideas...

If we met face to face with of our facebook friends they would hardly give us a nod. Is social networking causing a fragmentation of society?

I just want to connect the "Active Dots" and let the dots take care of themselves...
Mark Barreres the founder of - 540-335-8190

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