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GrassRoots Business Networking is a collective marketing method for like-minded business people
who understand the advantage of combining creative colective marketing and business networking with the power of SEO.

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Jerome Mazza would like you to
Join us at Volunteer Way's Food Bank

The Volunteer Way's Food Bank is a volunteer Charitable Organization that distributes over 6,000,000 pounds of food and puts that food on the tables of approximately 20,000 people each month. We are assisting food pantries, soup kitchens, Hospice, mentally challenged residential programs, women's shelters, Teen Challenge, homeless shelters and other charitable organizations. We supply free food, back to school supplies, clothing, first aid kits, blankets, personal items and other necessities. - more info


Make Money from Home in New Port Richey FL
with Legitimate Home Jobs by

We Are ALL Here to Help YOU! - Join our Growing Network of
Work from Home Business Leaders.

Working at home with an online business is a great idea in these times. You need to do your home work and spend time to explore different skills you need learn to make it work. - Legitimate Home Job Forum >>>

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New Port Richey Florida Musicians Network

OK, thus go the mental ramblings of an artist. Thanks to Mark Barrerres and Grassroots Networking for turning dreams and ramblings into real results and even - dare we say it -  money. Yes, the "M" word. We in Wild Blue Yonder are not afraid to say that we appreciate being paid for our art, and Mark's "connect the dots" system is already making that happen for us. We haven't been affiliated very long, but already hits on our website are up and new connections are being made daily.

Thanks so much, Grassroots Networking, for linking us up in so many ways and so many places! We can't wait to see what the future holds, to grow our relationships and to tell more music biz people what great things you are doing. - Philip Coward


Musician Services:
Web Site Hosting and Promotion For Musicians - FREE SEO For Musicians - FREE Marketing for Music Venues - Americana Rhythm Magazine - Keeping American Music Alive - USA Musician Supporters - Free Promotion for Musicians


New Port Richey Florida Web Design and Marketing

Award-winning web design skills are married to cutting edge application development to create great businesses. We provide a range of services starting with internet marketing and search engine advertising campaigns.

We are in the process of doing a Re-Design of I would like tell you about my new partner on the project Eric Safstrom.

Eric has been making software and websites for over 15 years. Recently he has become enamored with the Wordpress platform and can make it do wonders for a small business website. Eric is one of the few developer/designers that really understands business needs and also communicates well. He won't talk over your head or take advantage if you are not that comfortable with the latest technology. His design style centers on simple, clean websites that deliver your information and convert visitors into customers. Plus he understands SEO and he and I work very well as a team. -

Small Business Website and Small Business SEO by

How to get your small business to show up on Google with the help of

There are many people that are searching Google for what you do.
Let's make sure that they can find you!

Most small businesses now realize the value of ranking high in the search engines to drive traffic to their website. Often their phone is ringing off the hook with SEO Scam Artists and Rip Offs,
so they do NOT know who to trust.

We Provide Ethical, Efficient, Effective, Reliable, Results
At an Affordable Price.
Contact Us

"We were working with an SEO company that had us on a pay per click deal. Our costs were up to $5000 a month. We are very happy to have found Within a few weeks we were able to exit the pay per click game. Now our links are appearing at the top of the first page on most of the popular search engines."  - Steve Shapiro Metronome sales. delivers on what they promise! If being at the top of search engines matters to you, then this is the place to be. Mark Barreres has gone above and beyond on service and for a fraction of the cost of other so called "SEO experts" that charge BIG bucks and do NOT deliver. The difference is the results you will see almost immediately. Best of all they are always here for me on Skype and on the phone. Any business person interested in getting more referrals needs to take web based promotion seriously, and this is the best service out there. - Tara Kenyon - Family Therapy Counseling Raleigh NC

Affordable Web Design for Florida Business - Online Marketing

Small Business Websites - Small Business SEO by

Book a Hotel in Pompano
Beach Florida

With the help of GrassRoots Networking you can get a GREAT deal on a Hotel

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