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You can expect to find, writers, directors, producers, actors, models, production crew and maybe even a few larger studios on page. You never know who is looking and with our free features, the exposure you get is outstanding. Powered by GrassRoots Networking

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ABC DV - Digital Video News Forum
Action Cut -Professional Film Industry Instruction
Action-Cut-Print - Filmmakers Resources
Adam Wilt - Comprehensive DV FAQ
Ain't it Cool News - The Latest Film Scoops
AIVF - The Association for Independent Video and Film
AMVF Productions - Solutions for Independent Producers
BigFX - FilmFX Software
Boiler Plate - Production Budgeting Software for Independents
Bokser Films - News for Filmmakers - Buying & Selling Independent Films Online
Career Connection - On the job Film Training
Cine Clix - Your Online Source for Festival Films
Cinema Minima - International News Digest for Moviemakers
Creative Planet - Online Film Communities & Resources
Crew List - Crew Listing Service
Digital Filmmaker - Dedicated to Visual Storytelling
Discmakers - CD & DVD Manufacturing Made Easy
DV Creators - Training & Resources for Digital Creators
DV Dojo- Leading the Digital Video Revolution
DV Film - Digital Transfers
DV Guys - Weekly Internet Radio Show
DV Info Net - Digital Video Information Network
Entertainment Jobs - Industry Career Resources
Entertainment Law Resources - Attorney/Producer Rep Mark Litwak
FAIF - Foundation for the Advancement of Independent Films
Film Dependent - The Free Film Business Learning Site
Film Festivals - Portal for Festival and Film News
Film Industry Network - LA-based Networking Organization - Online Filmmaker Forum
Film Music Network - Film Music Industry's Premier Organization
Film Threat - Truth in Entertainment
Financing Independent Film - Q & A Forum for Investor Financing
Had To Be Made - Connecting Filmmaker and Audience
Hollywood Creative Directory -  Entertainment Industry Directories
Indie Club - Networking Actors, Filmmakers & Crew
IndieFilms - Indie Filmmaker Financial Resources
Indie Filmmaker -  Indie Filmmaker Resources
Indie Legal Docs - Releases & Contracts for Film Production
Law Offices - Indie Film Securities & Entertainment Attorney John Coner4
Let's-Do-Lunch - Networking & Services for Screenwriters
Net Broadcaster -- Internet's Premier Source for Streamed Entertainment
Nobody Wants Your Film -- A Film Searching for a Distributor
Reel Mind - Exposure for Filmmakers
Talent Match - Talent Indie Community
The Indie Film -Internet Services for Independents
Who Represents - Online Reference Guide
Withoutabox - Your Audience is Waiting
Writers Channel - 24 Hour Online Writers Community

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USA Musicians Network
USA House Concerts - Musicians Services - World Music List
UpComing Stars - Online Session Musicians - Chords and Lyrics
Custom Guitar Builders - GrassRoots Musicians - Guitar Shows
USA Musicians Networking Forum

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If you are an honest hearted team player and a GrassRoots Networker
we would like to hear from you. Call us at 703-722-6012

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