Dan Dutterer - Poetic Justice

Developing the Creative Imagination - Creating Confidence Through the Art of Poetry
Building Understanding With Words

Dan is focused on educating and entertaining students by showing them what poetry has to offer, through the magic of theatre and live performance. Dan finds fulfillment working with children (some would say he’s still a kid himself!) He believes that kids are able to absorb and understand an amazing amount, if one takes the time to explore the world of literature, poetry and art with them, on the appropriate level. Dan has offered his unique take on poetry in many places, such as the YWCA, Books-a-Million, the FENCE Foothills Storytelling Festival, Barnes & Noble, Dickens in the Village, the Montford Arts Festival, and schools across the southeast.

You may also call Dan Dutterer at: 828/250.9703
Asheville North Carolina

Poetry is an important creative communication tool in our lives. The qualities and elements of poetry need to be illustrated and understood so that this important art form may be experienced and enjoyed by all ages.

True understanding of poetry and poetic language brings the knowledge that through thoughtful and meaningful communication we can bring about understanding, progress and peace.

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