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This would have made this company Google's LARGEST acquisition ever...

Google just tried to buy a particular company a few weeks ago for between 5 and 6 BILLION dollars. This would have made this company Google's LARGEST acquisition ever in their history! What did Google see in this company? Well, that it's on the verge of a paradigm shift in marketing, thus diverting a HUGE pool of money in a different direction. They wanted to control it!

Oftentimes when something is totally free, it's hard to see ‘the money'. This WILL BE the next internet sensation like Facebook is, and you're being invited right now to help out and take part as a founding member! You won't see this on the web anywhere else at this time. The model is proven, and recently validated by Google's desire and offer to purchase this model.

The Customer Advantage

We know it's a lot as we are all very busy, but listen to the 30 minute audio beneath the 3 min. video at the above link. The 3 min. video is good, but in NO WAY will you know what this is all about unless you listen to the 30 min. audio. Then, after signing up for FREE, attend a conference call, and ask the founder at the end during the Q&A how much a person could potentially make per month with this if they really wanted to make a lot.

Consumers: Save from 50% to 90% on local goods & services. Free to join. Get an e-mail sent each morning to you. It is FREE to join! Share it with Family & Friends & earn up to 7% on all of their purchases FOREVER!

This is in Pre-launch, so understand that the special daily e-mails haven't started yet.
You have nothing to lose it's FREE -

Legitimate Home Jobs
The Best Ways to Make Money From Home Online

Are you one of those people that would like to work at home and make money online? Is your online business not soaring to new heights? Have you tried in the past and failed? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place.

You can succeed just as much as that man sitting at a table in Panera Bread or some other wifi hotspot with his laptop open while he is on the phone, or using Skype or some other program to share information.

At Legitimate Home Jobs we are here to help you connect to the right business for yourself, and teach you how to succeed at that business. No more business hopping and working with businesses that don't pay.

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