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Imagine paying the majority of your marketing budget directly with your products and services NOT cash.

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Over 300,000 small businesses in North America do exactly that using Barter, the age-old practice that continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year.

The mission of Simplicity Barter is to help grow your business, by providing a simple marketing plan that allows you to easily trade your products and service for critical business need.

Marketing, Menu’s and promotional literature can all be done with barter. Using Barter for these critical needs will increase your cash flow simply by eliminating the use of cash to promote your business, thus increasing the bottom line.

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Interestingly, one of unexpected added benefits of bartering is the relationships that are built between small businesses. This can form a very basic strategic partnership. The bartering relationship fosters trust, support, and an interest in the other business prospering. Sometimes, especially when the businesses are complementary, the business relationship turns out to be an even bigger asset than the cash savings from bartering.

In addition to forming individual relationships with other local businesses, you can also arrange exchanges through a barter exchange. Barter exchanges are middlemen for transactions and provide barter credits based on the dollar value of the good or service. The business can then use their credits to purchase goods and services from other members of the exchange. The exchange provides access to a network of actively bartering businesses.

Do note, however, that bartering is not "free" money. The goods and services being bartered do need to be valued and declared on your income tax. The fair market value of goods and services exchanged must be included in the income of both parties. Income from bartering is taxable in the year in which you receive the goods or services. Generally, you report this income on Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business Form 1040. If you are in a business or trade, you may deduct any costs you incurred in performing the work that was bartered.

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Short of Cash? Barter!

The Internet has provided a medium for new growth in the bartering exchange industry. There are hundreds of bartering exchanges operating around the world, and more are opening their doors daily. Bartering can be particularly useful in dealing with countries that have limitations on movement of capital in and out of the country.

The list of items available for trade seems unlimited. There are vast possibilities from bartering for advertising to bartering for salaries, benefits and incentives for employees. Almost anything is available somewhere with the possible exception of utilities, taxes, and bank payments. And with the aid of an exchange, even though, they usually charge a fee of 10 to 15 percent of each trade, the time commitment on your part is negligible.

Before signing up for a trade exchange, here are some common sense steps you should take:

Make a list of what you want to trade and the items you would be willing to accept in return. Choose a barter organization that deals in the items you are interested in trading.

• Ask for a referral list of clients and confirm that they have been satisfied with how their transactions have been handled.

• Find out how many clients and items the barter organization currently has.

• Check the prices for items being bartered to see if the organization is pricing them fairly.

• Find out where the clients from the organization are from. Distance may be a factor in transporting goods. Then, again, you may wish to offers your goods over a broader regional area. Many trade organizations are local, but are part of larger networks of exchanges, providing a wider base for trade.

• Find out what other services the barter organization provides for their percentage of the trade. Common services provided are management of the exchange, brokering the items offered for trade, consulting services and barter information.

• Compare the services offered by a variety of barter services before making the choice.

• Legitimate barter organizations are required to report barter income of each client to tax authorities. Do not do business with any barter organization that does not provide tax reporting.

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Barter networks or exchanges groups have become a valuable tool for many businesses in recent years. Bartering group members and companies list goods and/or services that they are willing to make available for trade. When your goods or services are purchased by another company, the selling business receives trade credit based on the dollar value of the product or service offered. A business uses its trade credits to purchase goods or services offered by other members. The exchange helps you to promote your  products and services to others that you never would have had the chance to do business with. - DC Metro Barter Network

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